What is Pickleball at CrossCourt Hawthorne? Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. It is a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. The rules are simple, and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. Come be a part of the first indoor pickleball facility at CrossCourt Pickleball at Hawthorne.




Our  10 week introduction clinic to pickleball is the first step to solidifying the fundamentals of any young player. During the 10 week course players will learn the proper grips, stroke development, rules and foster the love of this fast growing sport.

Advanced Beginner

Once a player has completed the beginner clinic, the next step is a 10 week advanced beginner clinic that goes beyond the basics. In the advanced beginner clinic players will learn to transition from a player who reacts to one who starts to understand the basic strategy and control of pickleball. In this clinic players will start to play more one on one games and get comfortable with basic hitting, score keeping and etiquette of the game. 


This clinic is designed for those who have mastered the advanced beginner clinic and can start the development of specialized pickleball shots. The primary focus will be on the transition zone with shots such as 3rd shot drop, volleys, deep serve. The intermediate clinic is also a designed to improve court awareness, improve consistency, patience, and basic strategy.

Advanced Intermediate

When a player has mastered the concept and overall understanding of  pickleball, the advanced intermediate clinic will offer the chance for a player to hone in on a variety of highly effective pickleball shots that will help take their game to the competitive level. In this clinic players will learn various skills including long rally dinking, crosscourt angled dinks, return of serve, blocking fast volleys, lob, and overhead smash.

High-Performance Junior

The high-performance clinic is designed for players who are ready to compete on a local level, as well as take their game to the national level and ultimately the collegiate level. 

In this clinic juniors will be placed into groups upon completing an evaluation by one of our pros. At that this level all high-performance clinics will be specialized, and customized clinics based on the needs of players.

CrossCourt will offer the chance and opportunity to travel as a team with other juniors and our own pickleball pros. Our goal at CrossCourt is to grow an elite team of pickleball junior athletes that will be on the cusp of this new merge sport as it becomes a NCAA sport. 


Pickleball Basics

This 10 week intro class to pickleball will teach adults the fundamentals of strokes, grips, rules and scoring. Each class is composed of 45 minutes of learning, understanding and practicing a skill, while the next 45 minutes are used supervised match play practice. 

Skills and Drills

Learn the skills that will take your game to the next fun AND competitive level. Mastering and understanding the importance of the dink, working on deep serve- deep return strategy, and drills that will improve your patience in a long rally.

Beyond the Basics

For players who have mastered the basic skills of pickleball but need that extra confidence in their game. This clinic is dedicated to fine tuning your skills acquired in the previous clinics, while adding higher advanced skills such as the 3 shot dink, lob, overhead smash, and returning drive volleys to their overall game!s

Mommy and Me Classes

Mommy & Me classes at CrossCourt Hawthorne are designed to create a fun environment for children and their moms to enjoy learning about a pickleball together. Each 1-hour class will start off with 10 minutes of free play, this is a chance to have the children interact and socialize with others and also get comfortable and familiar with the pickleball court and paddle. Each session there will be a new skill that is taught, followed by a chance for mom and her child to practice that skill one on one together. After that, mom/child will get a chance to rotate and play/practice that will with another mom/child in the group. The class will end with fun relay races to end the class and exert any last energy the little ones might have!

Private Lessons

CrossCourt Hawthorne offers a team of certified pickleball instructors who specialize in providing a great educational environment for those seeking to learn and enjoy pickleball. Stoke mechanics, strategy, mental and physical approaches are explained during your private lesson in order to increase the success of your game!

Private semi or private clinics are also available to those who want an individualized approached. This is a great option for those players who are of a certain level of skill and need that unique one on one hands on approach. 
*Please call (347) 228-7296 or email Alesyadumova@gmail.com to inquire about scheduling and to sign up!